Every Day is Earth Day on the Greens

Dearborn, Mich. — Golfers are sometimes faced with those who believe the sport is an indulgence from an environmental perspective. However, golf is a sport green beyond the grass on which it is played.

You may have a landscape service to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn, but not only is a golf course professionally managed landscaping, but environmental stewardship is key to utilizing water and nutrients optimally for erosion control or to filter runoff beyond Earth Day. Additionally, the golf industry invests in research to curate drought-tolerant grasses and promote water conservation. Consider all the research that goes into developing the latest driver compared to research of disease, insect and turfgrass management as well as water quality.

A course superintendent not only manages the turf grass, striving for a firm and fast playing surface, but is responsible for the wetlands and natural habitats of a course. After all, long-term viability of the landscape is the goal to preserve the game, a game that has social value in its generosity of giving back to the community.